Take advantage of the 2014 prevailing trend

The contact center landscape is ever-changing. While the telephone remains important, its use is going down rapidly. Also email is getting less popular and will be pushed to the back. Because there are better and faster ways. With web chat, for instance. Web chat will be the way to go in 2014.

Voxtron in the cloud

The Voxtron solution can be perfectly accessed from the cloud. A strong asset for telecommunications companies who want to offer the Voxtron Communication Centre in their complete package for customer service software.Based on our mission to create the best solution for the user’s needs we design

Voxtron qualified for Microsoft® Lync™ - yet another proof of the Voxtron Communication Center being able to integrate seamlessly with other systems

Voxtron guarantees smooth and professional communication for internal customer service departments, outsourced contact centres and 'customer interaction companies'.

  • With intuitive, user-friendly and reliable solutions.
  • By phone, email, fax, SMS, web forms, web chat, social media and routing of documents and post.
  • For a better customer experience, a higher customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty.

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